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Working with VIE BY IK.

Below we provide some useful guidance that will save you some time in helping to establish if we might be a good fit for you on your project.


What projects do you work on?

Our projects vary in size often dictated by the service types. Projects we love are rooted in deep strategic thinking that drives real business impact, always led by beautiful design.

Example 1: 3D Rendering and visualisation > Interior / Custom Furniture > Design and Drafting > Renderings Works > Revision Stages.

Example 2: You might have already been through a designs and looking for  VIE BY IK to bring it to life online through our E-design and development process.

Not sure what you need? We are always happy to chat.

What budgets do you work with?

We offer out of the box solutions and therefore the majority of our projects depends upon clients budget but project costs will depend on the final scope of work and vary from project to project. We prefer to agree a fixed cost with agreed milestone payments.

How long does an average project take?

A general design image takes 3 days but if its a full scale project contains full scale images and animation, it will 1 to 1.5 month to fully complete the project.You can always reach out to us and decide what time frame you are looking for project completion. 

Can you start straight away?

The start of the project can often involve work on the client side to get into an agreement, gather data and begin answering questionnaires. There will also be general onboarding such as project management and the project schedule. We will also have an internal kick-off to ensure the team is aligned. The client kick-off is the first milestone, and this is often anywhere from 1-2 weeks from the signed agreement.

What clients do you partner with and who is your ideal client?

We are lucky to generate an enormous amount of enquiries from our referral network and brand partners. Therefore, we are in a fortunate position to choose our partners carefully;

  • We partner with individuals where we feel we can add huge value to their business.

  • We partner with brands we are passionate about their designs

  • We partner with developers/contractors that don’t want a quick fix but want a long-term partner they can rely on.

Our business is built on referrals and recommendations, therefore it’s key our next partner will continue on the same trajectory.

Not sure what you need? We are always happy to chat.

Do you work with international clients?

Yes. Our clients are based everywhere, from India to Europe, America or the Middle East. We love immersing ourselves in new countries, cultures and businesses. Some clients prefer collaborative approach and some weekly calls. Our process isn’t negotiable but our communication is. Read more about our process here.

Do you offer ongoing support?

Our support is limited to the project deadline date agreed upon. We charge for additional support based on the extra attention and manpower required.


We elevate your projects with our cutting-edge 3D visualization and animation services, turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences.

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