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Dental Clinic

Project type

3D Rendering


June 2023


New York

Project type



3D Visulaiser/Interior Design

The 3D Designing and Rendering project focuses on creating a modern dental clinic with a white and teal combination theme.
The dental clinic will feature a predominantly white color scheme, which promotes cleanliness, professionalism, and a sense of calm. The white walls and furniture will be complemented by pops of teal accents, adding a touch of vibrancy and a refreshing ambiance to the space.

Overall, the White and Teal Combination Theme Dental Clinic 3D Designing and Rendering project aims to create a modern, inviting, and visually appealing dental clinic. By utilizing the white and teal color combination, it will create a soothing and refreshing atmosphere, promoting patient comfort and a positive dental experience.

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