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VIE BY IK: Enhancing Realism with Advanced Techniques in Interior Design 3D Rendering

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Isha Kirti

Design Consultant

1st June 2024

Image by Brecht Corbeel

At VIE BY IK, we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of realism in interior design through advanced 3D rendering techniques. Our approach combines the latest technology with artistic precision to create spaces that are not only visually stunning but also deeply immersive.

  • Lighting is at the heart of our rendering process.
    We utilize global illumination and high dynamic range (HDR) lighting to replicate natural light behavior. This technique captures subtle nuances in shadows and highlights, adding depth and dimension to our designs. Our use of ray tracing technology ensures that light interacts with surfaces in a lifelike manner, creating realistic reflections and refractions.


  • Texturing is another area where we excel.
    By using high-resolution textures and detailed bump maps, we bring materials such as wood, fabric, and metal to life. Our adoption of PBR (Physically Based Rendering) materials allows surfaces to reflect light accurately, showcasing properties like glossiness and roughness in stunning detail.

  • In material application, our team employs layered materials to replicate complex surfaces.
    This technique is particularly effective for portraying elements like varnished wood or aged leather, adding authenticity and character to our designs. Fine-tuning these layers allows us to capture the essence of real-world materials, including the natural wear and tear that gives spaces a lived-in feel.

  • To achieve the final touch of realism, we employ post-processing techniques such as color grading, depth of field, and ambient occlusion.
    These adjustments help to mimic the imperfections found in real-life photography, such as lens distortion and chromatic aberration. By incorporating these effects, we ensure that our renders not only look real but also evoke the emotional impact of a photograph.

At VIE BY IK, our commitment to using advanced 3D rendering techniques allows us to create interior designs that bridge the gap between imagination and reality. Our renders are not just visual representations; they are immersive experiences that help clients envision their spaces with unparalleled clarity and precision.



We elevate your projects with our cutting-edge 3D visualization and animation services, turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences.

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